Kissinger finds his way back to the White House?

“Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.” – Henry Kissinger


Wins and losses with Trump. Kissinger is an interesting and potentially dangerous figure. He was/is also a confirmed Hillary fan.

Davos man shows up for his 4th act?

(From Politico)

Trump aides did not offer a comment on the president-elect’s relationship with Kissinger, who served as secretary of state and national security adviser in the administrations of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. But sources familiar with the transition effort say the Manhattan real estate mogul is fascinated by Kissinger as well as other Republican elder statesmen, such as Robert Gates and Condoleezza Rice, to whom he has turned for advice on policy and staffing.

Kissinger and Trump have chatted on multiple occasions, including during at least one face-to-face meeting since the Nov. 8 election. And Kissinger, to the surprise of many in the broader foreign policy establishment, has spoken admiringly — albeit carefully — about the Trump phenomenon. Even after Trump spoke directly with the president of Taiwan — a move that angered Beijing and went against the One China policy that Kissinger negotiated in the 1970s — the former secretary of state expressed confidence Trump would uphold U.S. diplomatic traditions with the Chinese.

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