Looking Beyond The Trump-Carrier Headlines


One of the key components of being a truly astute political and economic observer is the ability to look beyond the immediate, to consider the “unseen.” Often policies that appear good aren’t good at all. But it takes some mental work to see the previously unseen.

(From The Ron Paul Liberty Report)

The headlines read that Donald Trump has saved 1,000 U.S. jobs. Carrier is not moving to Mexico. Trump isn’t even in office and he’s already “winning” for the American people, right? That’s definitely going to be the takeaway by a majority of individuals.

But government is a massive smoke-and-mirrors operation. Citizens are always encouraged to focus on “the seen”. In other words, you can “see” with your own eyes that 1,000 jobs will remain in America. But there is also “the unseen,” and that aspect is supposed to be avoided like the plague. You are never (ever) supposed to think two steps ahead. And to government’s good fortune, most people don’t.

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