Meet Johannesburg’s New Libertarian Mayor


Joburg is one of the great cities of the world. But it has long been very poorly run. Now a bit of hope.

(From FEE)

People are under the impression that capitalism is about exploitation. In 1980, when I decided that I had to work, I worked for [the retail chain] Spar earning 1,875 rands a month (about $150). If Spar thought they exploited me, they made a terrible mistake. Was I happy with that R1,875? Absolutely not. I hated it. But I was so grateful for the opportunity. For me, I exploited them, because they didn’t know what my agenda was. I needed experience. So with that R1,875, they paid me to train me! Never in the seven months I worked for them did I ask them for a raise. There was no need, because I was moving when I could find someone who would pay for experience.

They never wanted to give me a raise until the day I gave them my resignation letter. And then they started wanting to match the money the other company offered. It was too late. My life wasn’t determined by Spar. I was in charge, and I said, “No, thank you very much,” and I moved on and worked for Motale industries for 23 months, and I used the same approach.

You can check with everyone I’ve worked for: I put my heart into it. Not for them! I would like to encourage youngsters and others: don’t work for others. Work for yourself. Because I’m telling you no employer will want to lose a good working person.

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