MIT study illustrates the insular nature of #OLDMEDIA journalists


As this data appears to show, much of the #oldmedia operates within an echo chamber. This of course is probably not news for most ACC readers. For many of us the echo chamber effect in the #oldmedia seems patently obvious. There have been dozens of stories we’ve touched on here over the years, of significant consequence, which were/are largely ignored by the #oldmedia. These stories are typically ones that are critical of the establishment, of which the #oldmedia, the #cronymedia are a part.

It should be noted also that if one wants to see what stories the #oldmedia will spend time on just go to Media Matters which has acted as a de facto ministry of information during the Obama years. (George Soros has helped finance Media Matters. That should tell you why Media Matters does what it does.)

(From VICE)

Vosoughi said Electome also took pains to follow the political conversation in real time in order to make its issue categories as precise as possible. “Since the conversation around the election is very dynamic and new terms and phrases are brought into the conversation constantly, our system automatically re-trains itself once a week so that it is aware of the most up-to-date terms and phrases,” he said.

The data scientists constructed a network of all the mutual followers around each issue, filtered out users who were likely trying to get followers by following lots of others accounts, and then ran a PageRank algorithm to determine the 50 most important users in the conversations about each topic.

From there, Electome plotted those 50 users and their followers on maps showing the political conversation. The maps do not show the entirety of the 1 billion political tweets this cycle, but the visuals offer a sophisticated representation of that network.

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