Painting of Cops as Pigs Hung Proudly in US Capitol

Lord knows we keep a close eye on police issues. We are adamant critics of civil forfeiture (policing for profit). We have been critical of police in many other instances when in our view it was warranted. We were critical of many of the things that went down in Ferguson a couple of years ago for instance. It is important that people keep a close eye on law enforcement.

But hanging a picture in the Capitol Building depicting police as pigs is just not cool. That a member of Congress would do this is even worse.

Are we saying that the picture must come down? No we are not. But people should be aware that it exists and that it was placed there by a member of Congress. And I will say that if I was a Capitol Hill police officer (I’ve always found them to be professional) I would consider the painting an obvious and ugly insult.

The congressperson has a right to hang the picture. People also have the right to criticize it.

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