The Official F-35 Price Tags Are Bogus


Surprise, surprise, Trump calls out Lockheed for cost overruns on the F-35 and the Military Industrial Complex freaks out. Trump is mistaken we are told. The Pentagon asserts that the F-35 is actually a good deal for the taxpayers.


(From  War Is Boring)

F-35 tells us that in 1994 the Pentagon was promising F-35As for $31 million, F-35Bs for $31 to $38 million and F-35Cs for between $30 and 35 million. In 2017 dollars, those costs would be $53 million per F-35A, $53 million to $65 million for each F-35B and $51 million to $60 million for a single F-35C.

Put another way, in 2017, a F-35A costs about twice what the Pentagon promised Congress more than two decades earlier. Compared to this initial estimate, the F-35B costs more than twice as much now, while an F-35C is about four times more expensive.

I suspect Trump can recognize when he is being scammed. In this case, the Pentagon is telling him American taxpayers can get F-35s for only two to four times what they originally advertised.

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