The Supreme Court oral argument that cost Democrats the presidency


This is an interesting argument but the gay marriage decision wasn’t THE deciding factor in the election. It was A deciding factor. There was a bouillabaisse of deciding factors this go’round. Regardless the article is worth reading.

2 things for the record. 1. We at ACC are not opposed to gay marriage. 2. I actually think that the single biggest factor in pushing Trump over the top was William Weld’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton even while he was running for vice president as a LIbertarian in the closing days. (He never seemed very libertarian to me.) If one looks at the polls, those who said they were going to vote LP broke toward Trump at the last minute coinciding with Weld’s insult to many small government people. The small government people may have broken that way anyway but I think my theory is a reasonable one.

(From The Washington Post)

Megan McArdle of Bloomberg similarly pointed out, “Over the last few years, as controversies have erupted over the rights of cake bakers and pizza places to refuse to cater gay weddings, the rights of nuns to refuse to provide insurance that covers birth control, the rights of Catholic hospitals to refuse to perform abortions, and the rights of Christian schools to teach (and require students and teachers to practice) traditional Christian morality, some Christians have begun to feel that their communities are under existential threat.”

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