This is just too damn rich: Brian Williams, that’s right BRIAN “Mr. I was suspended for lying to the American people repeatedly” WILLIAMS, frets about “fake news”


I’ve been watching the “fake news” nonsense very closely. It seems to be a mix of partisans looking for a reason, any reason, why so many people just rejected Hillary and by extension Obama when in their opinion Clinton was clearly the superior choice, (Remember the whole email private server thing, and the Clinton Foundation money, and the quarter million dollar “speeches” to the bailout banks, and the get out of jail pass from Comey, and the rigged primaries, and the 6 coin flips in a row that went to Hillary in Iowa so somehow she could defeat Bernie Sanders, remember that stuff? Oh and the illegal war in Libya under her watch, and the spin that came from State after that blaming Benghazi on a video? Remember those things? I mean how could any RATIONAL person vote for Trump? It MUST be “fake news”  that is to blame. I can almost see David Brock and George Soros mouthing the words.) and the #oldmedia just freaking out over the fact that they finally, after many years of seeing it coming at them, have lost control over the policy narrative. In 2016 the voters rejected the #oldmedia’s worldview and called BS on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NPR, The Times, The Post, and the rest. They no longer get to decide what is a story and that terrifies them. As it should. The bell is tolling. Hillary would have given them a stay of execution. Now? Who knows?

And for Brian Williams, a confirmed liar, to say anything, anything at all, about “fake news” is comical. There was a time a few years ago when one might have said that it was tragic that NBC was so out to lunch. But no more. Now it’s just funny.

The only people as far as I can tell who still buy the “fake news” tripe are the people who still don’t know that NBC (and similar outlets) has been selling them fake news for years.

Folks, the “fake news” story coming out of the #oldmedia is itself actual “fake news.”