Valerie Jarrett: Election outcome was ‘soul-crushing,’ ‘punch to the stomach’


Not a lot of tears for this crony.

(From The Washington Times)

Senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett on Wednesday described Donald Trump’s stunning Election Day victory as a “punch to the stomach,” but said the White House morale “is a lot better today” than it was nearly a month ago.

“Obviously we were surprised by the outcome of the election,” Ms. Jarrett said of Hillary Clinton’s defeat, Politico reported.

“It kind of was like a, I’m not sure what the right analogy would be, but like a punch in the stomach, let’s say. Soul-crushing might be another description,” she said. “But that’s the democracy that we have: the people get to decide and the elections matter and we have to get about the business of doing our job.”

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