Why Ditching Breitbart Is a Risky Move for Brands


As a point of information both co-founders of this site have written for Breitbart. The website can be divisive to be sure. (It can also be quite good.) It also makes mistakes just like every news website sometimes does. But Breitbart is certainly no worse than the Huffington Post or Salon in its “outrageousness.”

(From Fortune)

The position that Kellogg took ultimately angered the folks at Breitbart, who called the move “un-American.” Social media users that support Breitbart were also enraged, circulating a #dumpKellogg hashtag.

Kellogg isn’t alone in facing this tough dance of trying not to anger consumers on the left or even far right side of the political spectrum. PepsiCo PEP 1.20% , Starbucks SBUX -2.44% , and other brands have also faced boycotts for stepping into controversy as it pertains to the election. One notable commonality: most of the targets are brands that sell consumer products. They are the easiest to target for boycotts, and also are well-known names.

We wouldn’t call a boycott of advertising “un-American.” In fact such a boycott is actually a very American way of voicing displeasure even if in this case it’s really just grandstanding. There is nothing wrong with voting with one’s dollar. However, such a tactic works both ways.

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