Why does (Jeff) Sessions think the police should be able to legally rob you?

Image: Washington Post

Is it too much to ask to have an Attorney General who defers to the citizenry generally and not to the state? Well, probably. Realistically speaking. But how can this country allow civil forfeiture (policing for profit) to exist? The cops shouldn’t just be able to take your stuff.

In most of the country however they can. Police took $5 billion in cash and possessions in 2014. That’s more than was taken by non state sponsored thieves.

We should be moving toward a smaller government these days. Not a more intrusive one. It’s intrusive enough.

(From The Washington Examiner)

But civil asset forfeiture has grown into a bloated system that critics call theft by police. An estimated $5 billion in cash and property was seized in 2014. Some reforms have been made: A handful of states, including Nebraska, now require a criminal conviction to seize property, while former Attorney General Eric Holder put some restrictions in place to try to curb state and local police’s use of the practice.

Now President-elect Trump has selected Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., to be his attorney general. Sessions defended civil asset forfeiture during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the topic in 2015.

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