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Month: January 2017
Is Donald Trump a Fascist?

It’s important to understand what fascism actually is if one is going to cry “fascism.” Many people have an extremely confused understanding of what fascism is. They think it’s about a certain style. They think it’s about social norms. It’s...

Nomi Prins, Goldmanizing Donald Trump

Government Sachs, the bailed out and the connected. They always seem to pop up. From Fed appointments to the Treasury to the many little nooks and crannies within the power structure, Goldman is always there.

Markets to Trump: Get down to business on taxes!

Good advice “markets.” Trump wins by working the economic card. He’ll have a tougher slog if battles headlong on cultural issues. Trump has an interesting fighting style. He’s striking while he can, which is smart. But in the words of...

Just Break California Up

Seems reasonable to me. Let San Francisco and LA do their thing and then let the rest of California get on with real life. Not such a bad idea.