City Agrees To Pay $56.5 Million To People Written Bogus Tickets By The NYPD


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Good. Copping for quotas is not a good idea in a supposedly free society.

(From The Gothamist)

New York City has agreed to pay out as much as $75 million in taxpayer money to settle a long-running class-action lawsuit regarding hundreds of thousands of bogus summonses that lawyers alleged were the product of the NYPD’s quota system.

The proposed settlement hit the Manhattan federal court docket this afternoon and still needs a judge’s sign-off. If approved, the agreement would set aside $56.5 million for recipients of 900,000 criminal summonses. The tickets were ones issued by police officers between 2007 and 2015 that courts later threw out for being legally insufficient—these constitute about a quarter of all summonses in that period. The remaining $18.5 million would go to attorneys’ fees. Under the terms, the city would reach out to each of the recipients of the bogus summonses by mail, and class members would be limited to $150 each per police encounter (multiple summonses from one encounter would garner an amount capped at $150).

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