Davos Just Jumped The Shark

Davos 2 cc

Actually, Davos has been jumping the shark for a few years. This year it just became obvious. Davos is, as Joe Kernan said on Squawk Box the other day, “where super rich guys go to talk about income inequality.

Exacto. And it’s all kind of lame.

(From Forbes)

Given the name of the organization, The World Economic Forum, you’d think that the intellectual pursuit of economic ideas would be front and center. Maybe it was. But what I found most notable was something else.

It was a vision of social climbing on steroids. It couldn’t have been more blatant or disgusting if people had worn the cocktail party equivalent of ropes, ice axes, and crampons.

Some of these individuals attempting to climb the greasy pole to higher social status were the usual hangers-on. Others were journalists. Many were businesspeople. Of course, there were some wonderful folks present, but mostly it was a disgusting spectacle of the shallow seeking to shimmy their way into prestige positions.

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