Department of Defense Announces Changes to Procedures and Policy for Reduction in Force in the Civilian Workforce

So “performance” is the “primary retention factor” NOW? What was it before?


The DoD civilian workforce is one of the department’s most important assets.  However, there are times when the department must make difficult decisions that impact our civilians, and in doing so, it is imperative these decisions result in our continued ability to seamlessly execute our national security mission.  When circumstances necessitate a RIF, the department must ensure we are retaining our highest performing employees.

The department will continue to consider every reasonable action to mitigate the size of reductions, including the use of Voluntary Early Retirement Authority or Voluntary Separation Incentive Payment, hiring freezes, termination of temporary appointments, and any other pre-RIF placement options.

In order to comply with the law, the department has reprioritized the “order of retention” as implemented by Office of Personnel Management in government-wide regulations, by placing performance as the primary retention factor.  This is a substantial change for DoD from existing, government-wide provisions.

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