‘Die!’ Watch how this Trump-hating high school teacher taught her students all about tolerance

Trump has unleashed a LOT of crazy. How this woman thought this was appropriate to do is beyond me, and I’d say beyond most folks, even most of those who really don’t like Trump. However it is fair to say having watched the “Women’s March” – a very well funded “march” just to be clear – and having seen the absolute hate displayed by some at the march for the new president and his policies this shouldn’t have surprised me. And it didn’t.

I am not a fan of comparing presidents but it is a reasonable question to ask what the media response would have been had someone done this after Mr. Obama was elected or had Ms. Clinton been elected. There would have been a firestorm of indignant pundits. But because it’s Trump, and again we have our serious issues with Trump, little attention is paid.

Why? Because truth be told, the actions of this woman are not beyond the pale for many in the #cronymedia. They can understand her hatred. Trump blew up their world.

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