F-35 in crisis as Pentagon tests find 276 different faults in $400bn jet’s combat system and warn full tests might not even begin until 2019

f 35 liftoff

No no Mr. and Ms. Taxpayer, everything is fine. Fine. Just a couple of little hiccups.

(From The Daily Mail)

The Pentagon’s Office of Operational Testing and Evaluation says only half of its long list of concerns will be addressed before the major performance milestone.

‘The Services have designated 276 deficiencies in combat performance as “critical to correct” in Block 3F, but less than half of the critical deficiencies were addressed with attempted corrections in 3FR6’

But addressing even that reduced list is appearing rushed, it says.

There are ‘significant, well-documented deficiencies resulting in overall ineffective operational performance … ‘hundreds of which will not be adequately addressed with fixes and corrections verified with flight testing.’

Key among them are fixing the 25mm cannon which vibrates excessively and the way it is targeted by the aircraft’s ‘virtual reality’ helmet.

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