Governments Are Banning A Product That Could Save Millions Of Lives


Tobacco is taxed heavily around the world. It’s a cash cow. Politicians like tax cash cows. Think about it.

(From The Daily Caller)

Despite the promise that e-cigarettes and vaping products appear to hold for people smokers trying to kick the habit, the WHO and a number of countries are frantically regulating and even banning e-cigarettes.

The WHO has called for strict regulations on e-cigarettes, arguing that still more tests and studies are necessary to prove their safety. Canada, Australia, India and a number of states in the U.S. have started regulating e-cigarettes as though they are traditional tobacco products, and are even banning the sale and advertisement of e-cigarettes.

Since e-cigarettes don’t contain the cancer-causing agents created through the combustion of tobacco, banning them is counterproductive and can increase the smoking rates.

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