“Growing levels of perceived corruption and social inequality provided fertile ground for the rise of populist politicians in 2016”

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Perceived and REAL corruption. Particularly systematic, often legal corruption. A crony system that is gamed against the unconnected. Yeah, crony capitalism has a lot to do with the anger burning the Establishment around the world.

Technology and information have a lot to do with it too. Whereas before people largely just had to believe the official media narrative (the narrative “sea” through which we swim), now they can challenge what they are told by the information gate keepers. People can now go online and see who gave money to what politicians. They can go online and make connections and understand power structures. (Sometimes accurately, sometimes not, it must be said.) People are looking behind the curtain. Because they can.

And guess what? They don’t like what they see and they are pissed.

It must also be stated because the attached article does not make this important point – the bigger the government, the more crony the system. The freer the system, free markets, free prices, the less crony it is. A society with little red tape, without an overwhelming and ever present government is a more honest, productive, less crony society.

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