If You’re Freaking Out Over Donald Trump’s Presidential Powers, Thank a “Liberal”!


The term “liberal” should always be in quotes when talking about modern statists of the generally Left oriented type so we added them to the above headline.

And yes, like Nick Gillespie we have little pity for the throngs of “liberals” who are now worried about the power Donald Trump will soon wield. You wanted a powerful presidency. You cheered Obama using the “pen and phone.” You wanted “something to get done” even if it was via executive decree. Well, on behalf of libertarians everywhere – WE TOLD YOU SO.

OK that was a bit juvenile, but we did.

(From Reason)

Thanks a lot, liberals. It’s all well and good that Joe Biden is now lecturing us that “the worst sin of all is the abuse of power,” but where the hell was he—and where were you—for the past eight years, when the president was starting wars without Congressional authorization, passing major legislation with zero votes from the opposing party, and ruling almost exclusively through executive orders and actions?

Mostly exhorting Obama to act “unilaterally” and “without Congress” on terrorism, immigration, guns, and whatever because you couldn’t dream of a day when an unrestrained billionaire reality-TV celebrity would wield those same powers toward very different ends. Hell, in the early months of Obama’s presidency, The New York Times‘s Thomas Friedman held up China’s “one-party autocracy” as the model to emulate.

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