Is this the REAL reason the people in Davos loathe Trump so much?

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It’s a big part of it. Some people feel disrespected by Mr. Trump. Who is HE to dictate to THEM?

Davos Man is important. Davos Man is a Master of the Universe. Doesn’t Mr. Trump know his place, you know like Barack Obama did?

(From Politico)

Trump’s style as much as his substance grates. Some of the 3,000-odd Davos men and, though still a minority, women are unused to a billionaire being uninterested in them. The people who come here are used to assuming the world revolves around them…

…Many of the same Forum participants who bemoaned the political turn in America sat enraptured by Chinese President Xi Jinping — who runs a one-party, authoritarian state — as he delivered an ode to globalization Tuesday, laced with subtle criticisms of Trump’s world outlook.

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