KU Flyer: Anarcho-Capitalists and Students Who Oppose Safe Spaces Are Probably Secret Nazis

For the record anarcho-capitalism is diametrically opposed to fascism which as we have explained is really a form of socialism. (Fascism is a partnership between nominally private business and the state.) Anarcho-capitalists are if anything the heirs to the legacy of classical liberalism which is about open minds, open markets, liberty, and human actualization.

(From Reason)

In addition to endorsing the censorship of certain non-liberal viewpoints, the flyer also asks students to contact their Congressmen and urge them to vote against the confirmation of President Trump’s Cabinet picks. It concludes with a warning that those who remain neutral will be considered allies of the oppressors.

It’s not entirely clear who posted the flyers, but Campus Reform did some additional reporting, and many members of campus believe the School of Social Welfare was behind it.

When reached for comment by Campus Reform, the university would not say who was behind the flyers. One expects that if the School of Social Welfare wasn’t involved, KU would say so.

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