My Lyft Ride with a Black Trump Supporter on MLK Day

Interesting reading on an important subject. Like Trump or hate Trump his election is scrambling a lot of things in the body politic and that is refreshing. There is a sense that after SO long there is some ideological movement going on in America. New frames being erected. Perhaps, perhaps, new opportunities for the freedom oriented.

(From FEE)

What about Trump’s personal issues? He seems to have some odd opinions on women and minorities and so on.

“Everyone I know has odd opinions on things, stuff that’s crazy and maybe dangerous. You and I probably have some weird views too. But so long as these views don’t affect the country as a whole, it’s cool. I don’t really care. Plus, I’m a black woman and I’m working hard driving people all over this city. You think if he met me, he wouldn’t like me? I think he would like me. I feel more connection to him and his views than I do to Obama and people like John Lewis.”

We arrived at the airport, and I wished her the best. She apologized for using our ride for a rant. I said that’s perfectly fine.

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