New law requires Illinois hairdressers to get domestic violence support training


There is no end to how much some would like to insert government into life. There are those who see almost (?) no limit. If there is a “social problem” government must then address it in some way. A ticket for not doing this. A license for that. A tax for this. A new regulation for that. Until no part of life is free of government.

Of course fighting domestic abuse is a good thing. However, requiring hairdressers to become certified hair salon councilors is crazy. Another question is – who provides the “training” and what is the cost?

And let’s extend this line of thinking out a bit. Why not also require mechanics to become nutrition counselors? If a mechanic sees too many Big Mac wrappers wedged under the front seat or too many french fries embedded in the back seat perhaps that mechanic should be required to give the customer a brochure on healthy eating and why it is important to avoid “distracted driving”? Obesity and distracted driving are big social problems and we should enlist the army of mechanics at society’s disposal to do good.

Think of the children.

(From WBAY)

The openness has some believing salon workers could help save lives. Starting January 1st, Hain, will be required by law to have special training on how to handle conversations about domestic violence and sexual assault.

Under the new measure signed into law by Gov. Bruce Rauner last summer, the state’s 88,000 licensed beauty professionals must take an hour-long course designed to teach them to recognize signs of an abusive relationship and ways to address it.

Stylists will be required to complete the course while applying for a new license, and then as an additional hour added to the 14 hours of continuing education required for license renewal every two years. The law includes barbers, cosmetologists, aestheticians, hair braiders and nail technicians and will be enforced by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

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