Pelosi Tries to Stave Off Defections on Vote For House Minority Leader


Uh oh… I mean why would Dems possibly want another leader in the House? She’s done so well.

In the words of a very partisan Republican friend. “I hope she (Pelosi) stays right where she is.”

(From NewsMax)

Although Pelosi does not face any chance of being ousted, a large number of Democratic defections would be an embarrassment for her and would further illustrate the infighting of the Democratic Party and make it more difficult to challenge the Republicans.

For that reason, some are predicting the defections will be minimal, despite severe disagreements, so as to project a focused, unified front, with one Democrat telling the Hill that “It’s hunker down and fight time.”

Pelosi, who has led her party in the House for the last 14 years, had kept defections to single digits until 2011 when 20 Democrats voted against her after the Republicans took control in the chamber.

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