Rick Perry’s Texas Giveaways

"See now I wear glasses! Almost makes you forget that whole "whoops" moment doesn't it? My PR person said it would."
“See now I wear glasses! Almost makes you forget that whole “whoops” moment doesn’t it? My PR person said it would.”

Perry is a crony capitalist. Absolutely. And Trump fans should call Perry and Trump out for it. There are plenty of swamps in Texas and Rick Perry is definitely a swamp thing.

However, if Perry helped Trump scrap the Department of Energy (this is very unlikely) he could redeem himself a bit.

Really though Trump would probably have been wise to let Perry remain out to pasture. Even more pasture than swamp in Texas.

(From ProPublica)

Perry’s economic development largesse came in many forms, but among the most high-profile were two big pots of money that he created while in office. In 2003, he founded the Texas Enterprise Fund, which he pitched as a way to help him close the deal in bidding wars for large employers thinking of moving to the state. Over the course of Perry’s tenure, which ended in early 2015, the fund gave out more than $500 million. In 2005, Perry created the Emerging Technology Fund, which was intended for start-ups. It gave out $400 million before being shuttered last year by his Republican successor, Greg Abbott.

Disbursements from both funds were controlled by Perry, the lieutenant governor and the speaker of the House. The technology fund had a 17-member advisory board, all appointed by Perry. With such scant oversight, it did not take long for political favoritism and cronyism to creep into the programs. In 2010, the Texas Observer reported that 20 of the 55 Enterprise Fund grant recipients up to that point had contributed directly to Perry’s campaign or the Republican Governor’s Association, of which he became chairman in 2010.

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