State Dept. senior management team resigns: report

It sounds like the departure of Patrick Kennedy, who has come under criticism for his response to the attacks in Benghazi (and other issues), might not be as bad as it sounds. A career State Department guy, entrenched and connected, it isn’t hard to imagine that he and his new boss, Rex Tillerson, might not be a good mix. 3 of Kennedy’s allies have left with him.

The Washington Post frets that this puts the State Department into a spin right as things are getting rolling. Yes, that is probably true to some extent, however what better time to have the old guard pushed out? (I know, I know, they quit.)

(From The Hill)

The State Department’s entire senior level of management officials resigned Wednesday, The Washington Post reported.

Patrick Kennedy, the agency’s undersecretary for management who had served in the role for nine years, resigned unexpectedly along with three of his top officials

Assistant Secretary of State for Administration Joyce Anne Barr, Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs Michele Bond and Ambassador Gentry O. Smith, director of the Office of Foreign Missions, resigned as well, the report said.

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