The New York Times urges boycott of Breitbart

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This isn’t exactly surprising. The Times continues to lose market share to sites like Breitbart. It’d love a boycott of its competition. (What was it NYT? Profits were down what? 95% last quarter?) The New York Times has also colluded with the Democrats in the (recent) past as we’ve reported in this space.

(From Breitbart)

So it has attacked Breitbart News in an attempt to “destroy” it. There is no greater accolade than to be considered the Times‘ greatest enemy. But one expects something more effective — and more principled — from such a formerly august institution.

Sadly, the Times has decided to go the fascist route, urging the destruction of its most effective conservative competitor, using “fake news” to make the case for censorship to its credulous left-wing readership. It is an effort as illiberal as it is futile.

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