The Perpetual Failure of ObamaCare and Single Payer Healthcare

(From The PanAm Post)

ObamaCare is the ultimate Mussolini-style corrupt bargain between big business and big government. It posits that the solution to any type of social ill, is using the coercive power of the government to force its citizens to buy into a government-controlled plan; in this case healthcare. But the “evil genius” of ObamaCare was appealing to private greed to get the healthcare industry on board: Hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, HMOs, and big government politicians all love ObamaCare, because it expands coverage, without cutting costs. Donald Trump has promised to make repealing and replacing ObamaCare a top legislative priority.

Costs have skyrocketed precisely because ObamaCare fails to account for human nature. When you isolate human beings from the economic consequences of their actions, disaster is certain to ensue. Under ObamaCare neither the healthcare industry, nor consumers, have any real incentives to keep costs in check, because they know that the government will pick up the tab regardless. That is outrageous, and it is in direct contradiction to Obama‘s claims regarding savings through choice and competition.

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