The Split Personality of the Trump Presidency

peace sign Trump cc

It’s a little early to talk of a “split personality” in the administration. Heck,Trump just officially came on the job on Monday. But the point(s) made by Jeff Tucker in the attached piece are quite good. We, like Mr. Tucker sense both real opportunity and real peril for lovers of liberty under Trump. On the one hand the President talks a big government game on some things. On the other hand he seems seriously inclined toward cutting government and appears to be surrounding himself with at least some liberty oriented people.

How this works itself out we are not sure and neither is Jeffery Tucker, but his exploration of the themes within the emerging Trump administration is quite good.

(From FEE)

Tax outsourcing, but cut the capital gains tax. Tax imports, but repeal regulations on business. Restrict hiring from abroad, but free the labor market. Give more power to the police, but get the government off our backs. Crack down on illicit drugs, but liberalize health insurance. End senseless wars, but stop at nothing to smash Islamic radicalism.

These are just some of the contradictory themes emerging in the Trump presidency. It’s not hard to spot the strange contradiction here. Some rely on more government power, and some less. And this is why those of us who hope for a new liberty keep toggling between despair and hope for the new presidency.

Below is an explanation for how this strange situation came to be.

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