Why Elizabeth Warren is no longer the darling of the left

Warren Elizabeth

We give Bernie Sanders a hard time because he is clueless on economics. And really worse than clueless. But on the whole he is one of the more likable people in the Senate. And that he’s making the DNC vomit all over itself is pretty fun to watch. Not to mention a good thing for the country and the world.

Ms. Warren had her moment. She made her choice. Not that she couldn’t have another moment.

(From CNBC)

The firebrand, anti-Wall Street Senator was wildly popular in her home-state of Massachusetts, but she decided not to endorse Sanders before the Super Tuesday primary. Sanders lost Massachusetts by less than two points, causing progressives to believe the state—and momentum—would have gone to Sanders had Warren endorsed and campaigned with him across the state.

Larger than her Massachusetts mistake, Warren’s choice to passionately campaign for Clinton—the antithesis of all she proclaimed to stand against during her meteoric rise isn’t a fact progressive Sanders aficionados will simply forgive and forget.

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