A Special Statement from Against Crony Capitalism on Respect for Other Readers and the Site

AgainstCronyCapitalism.org prides itself on having many readers of various political dispositions.

We are not shy with our disposition which some might call libertarian or classically liberal, but all are welcome here so long as one is respectful of other readers and of this site. We don’t see much point in preaching solely to the choir. We believe in honest intellectual inquiry.

Please remember this spirit in your comments. People can disagree. It’s OK. Disagreeing is part of life. But being insulting for the sake of being insulting is lame and shallow.

So to some of the new folks, please understand that this is what we the staff at ACC ask of those who chose to engage in discussion in this space. We can have at least one place online where news can be discussed without the venom than infects so much public discourse. (And occasional venom is OK too when warranted, but let’s be reasonable human beings about it.)