Arizona House Unanimously Passes Bill Taking on State, Federal Asset Forfeiture

Excellent. As we’ve said, civil forfeiture as it is in most states right now is just plain wrong. The police shouldn’t just be able to take one’s property because one is arrested.

(From The Tenth Amendment Center)

Rep. Eddie Farnsworth (R-Gilbert) introduced House Bill 2477 (HB2477) on Feb. 7. The legislation would require prosecutors to establish a higher evidentiary standard for asset forfeiture. As it stands, the law only requires a preponderance of the evidence. HB2477 would raise that, requiring police and prosecutors to provide “clear and convincing evidence” the property was linked to a crime. While the proposed law would not require a criminal conviction before proceeding with asset forfeiture, it would take a step toward reforming Arizona’s forfeiture laws under that essential standard.

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