At The FEC, Some Speakers Are More Equal Than Others

(From The Daily Caller)

Last week, in a Politico Magazine story largely critical of former FEC Commissioner and current White House Counsel Don McGahn, many of the “former FEC staffers, former FEC officials, campaign finance lawyers and friends of McGahn’s” requested anonymity to speak about McGahn. Yet many of these same FEC staffers, FEC officials, and campaign finance lawyers argue that those who wish to criticize elected government officials may not remain anonymous.

The altFEC Twitter account was established in January as part of the broad effort by career government employees to resist President Trump, their new boss. altFEC is the “unofficial #Resistance team of the U.S. Federal Election Commission.” The members of this FEC resistance team, tweeting regularly to their 26,000 followers, are anonymous, though Commissioner Ellen Weintraub and former Commissioner Ann Ravel receive many of their retweets. According to the “reformers” at the Center for Public Integrity, altFEC “offers decidedly Ravel-esque, and often anti-Trump, critiques of the agency.”

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