Barack Obama’s presidential library may need $1.5 billion

And…Consider this. $1.5 BILLION. If people want to pay for it, so long as it’s not the tax payers, I guess OK.

But it is fitting.

This guy is something else. The chip on his shoulder will never be dislodged. It is hilarious that this is even a thing. You were the PRESIDENT Mr. Obama. You’ve got nothing to prove dude.

But Obama doesn’t understand that. He thinks he does.

Kind of sad actually.

(From Page Six)

The Obama Center is due to be so expensive because it will require the construction of both a presidential library and a museum about the lives of Barack and Michelle Obama. And federal requirements now stipulate that former presidents must have larger endowments to pay for annual operating costs at the libraries.

“It won’t be easy,” Williams said. “It’s not just about preserving the past. It’s about the future.”

The actual buildings were slated to cost $200 million. “But I told them it will cost $300 million,” Williams said.

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