Dems Call for Their Party’s Autopsy–But Won’t Admit the Patient Is Dead

The Democrats might not be totally dead, but they are a regional party at this point. And they don’t have very good prospects.

(From The Fiscal Times)

All of this ignores the depth and breadth of electoral losses by Democrats – not just in this last election cycle, and at every political level. Over the past eight years, Democrats have lost a net 11 Senate seats, 60 House seats, 14 gubernatorial seats, and almost a thousand seats in state legislatures. Thanks to the cyclical nature of Senate races, Democrats had a 23-10 advantage in this year’s upper chamber races and needed only five takeaways to clinch control of the Senate. They only picked up two and ended up shut out in the Republican return to single-party control. The Washington Post’s Philip Bump  referred to this as “the Thelma and Louise-ing of the Democratic Party.”

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