Get ready to barf, Here come the self righteous, self congratulatory Oscars

What’s awesome is that these people really think that they are doing good. Indeed that they are giving back to the world. We must stand for what is righteous! Blah. Blah. Blah. You are actors… That the people who read People Magazine and watch Entertainment Tonight care about what Hollywood thinks is an indictment of both Hollywood and the people reading People and who watch Entertainment Tonight.

Everyone watch for the Hillary cameo and the tearful standing ovation. “She’s so brave. So corrupt, but so brave!!!” 

(From The Hill)

In 2011, then-President Obama appeared as part of a “man on the street”-style video montage. His wife, Michelle Obama, made headlines two years later when she took part in the 2013 broadcast. The former first lady, with service members behind her, was shown via video introducing the “Best Picture” nominees and winner. That same year, former President Bill Clintonstunned the audience at the Golden Globes when he took to the stage to introduce “Lincoln,” one of the nominees for Best Motion Picture Drama.

Kimmel has a history of yukking it up with at least one unanticipated political VIP: At last year’s Emmy Awards, 2016 GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush pulled up in a pre-taped sketch as host Kimmel’s “Uber driver.”

For his part, Kimmel is remaining tight-lipped about a potential political stunner, recently telling Variety he wouldn’t rule out a cameo by former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. “I’m not saying that to be coy. I’m saying that because I don’t know,” he said.