Gov. Christie Helps N.J. Police Keep Property Seizure Info Secretive

Christie is another Bushite who should probably be put out to pasture.

(From Reason)

Demanding such specific traffic stop detail may seem confusing, but allow me to explain. One of the twisted incentives that result from these asset forfeiture systems is that police are essentially rewarded for allowing the drug trade to occur and then attempting to snatch the profits. Evidence has shown some police keeping an eye on drug corridors with a focus on stopping and searching vehicles only the side where the money travels.

The consequence here is that anybody traveling with cash is at risk of having it seized and having the police claim that this money is the result of a drug deal (with no evidence) and attempting to keep it. Many, many outrage stories about police inappropriately attempting to seize the cash of innocent people merely driving down highways involve claims of drug trafficking. Because police are intent on trying to grab the cash rather than the drugs, they don’t have any actual evidence of a crime.

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