How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump’s presidency (And is using tax free organizations to do it)

Obama was a community activist. He never had a real job prior to president (yes I am including his time in the Senate) and now has to do something with his time. He does not want to go down in history as a failed 2 term president, which in our opinion he obviously is. The only thing he can hang his hat on, at all, is Obamacare and that has blown up because it was built with hubris and cronyism.

Now he wants to undermine the country moving forward from his interminable 8 years, because, well, because Trump is a bad guy and the people who like Trump are “deplorable.”

We have serious issues with Trump as we’ve highlighted and will continue to highlight. But Obama continues to show his contempt for this country by not doing what is good for the Republic, but what is “good” for him and his cadre. He was spanked and he can’t handle it. As such he will encourage more polarization in this country, which is frankly disgusting. He’s done enough.

(From The New York Post)

Far from sulking, OFA activists helped organize anti-Trump marches across US cities, some of which turned into riots. After Trump issued a temporary ban on immigration from seven terror-prone Muslim nations, the demonstrators jammed airports, chanting: “No ban, no wall, sanctuary for all!”

Run by old Obama aides and campaign workers, federal tax records show “nonpartisan” OFA marshals 32,525 volunteers nationwide. Registered as a 501(c)(4), it doesn’t have to disclose its donors, but they’ve been generous. OFA has raised more than $40 million in contributions and grants since evolving from Obama’s campaign organization Obama for America in 2013.

OFA, in IRS filings, says it trains young activists to develop “organizing skills.” Armed with Obama’s 2012 campaign database, OFA plans to get out the vote for Democratic candidates it’s grooming to win back Congress and erect a wall of resistance to Trump at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

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