In Fiery, “Surreal” Press Conference, Trump Launches War On “Out Of Control” Press: Main Highlights

Whatever your opinion of Trump, and ours is that he is a mixed bag, good on some things, not so good on others, I think it can be objectively said that the #oldmedia has been on a Trump hunt since the day Trump won the election. (And before.) The people in the #oldmedia hate the man. They hate that he won even though the #oldmedia backed Hillary Clinton. They hate that he derailed the march toward the “first woman president.” A person many in the #oldmedia hoped to exploit for their own careers and political agendas.The #oldmedia hate that the “deplorables” who don’t trust the #oldmedia put Trump in the White House. The #oldmedia don’t like that the power of the #oldmedia has been greatly diminished and likely will diminish more in the years ahead. They hate that #newmedia is being heard and read by people. The #oldmedia can’t stand that they, with a distinctly Northeastern and “liberal” point of view aren’t respected by the great unwashed like they once were. And they hate that Trump has finally called the #oldmedia for what it it is and has long been, propaganda for the corporate Left.

Everyone knows (or at least most know at this point) that the #oldmedia shills for a certain political perspective but Trump has highlighted the bias and the #oldmedia just can not stand it.

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