Individualist Ants Better Their Colonies’ Future by Dreaming Big

Libertarian Ants!

How much do you want to bet that there are also “bureaucrat ants” that fight the individualist ants every step of the way?


Of course the author cops out at the end and slights capitalism because, well, because he works for Gizmodo and he has to remain cool in the eyes of the other tech hipsters he’ll be drinking with tonight. But 95% of the article is good, which tells us the author does actually get the point.

Free thinkers are good for society. The people who push boundaries, who refuse to comply for the sake of complying, these people (and ants apparently) move things forward. (It certainly isn’t “progressive” politics.)

The other ants we imagine might loathe the free thinking entrepreneurial ants of course, but in the long run society as a whole benefits from the pioneers.

(From Gizmodo)

Capitalists everywhere rejoice—a new study published in the Proceedings of The Royal Society B has found that individualism and fussiness pay off in the ant world. The study, published Wednesday, examined how rock ants choose new homes after their nests get destroyed. According to New Scientist, researchers found that “some ants are so different in their personal preferences that they may act as the imagination of the colony, driving it on to a better future.” Remind you of any of the great tech gods—the billionaires who brighten our planet with their innovative minds? Thought it would.

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