Is Dem outrage just blowing up the Democratic Party?

Opposition is good. Dissent is good. The USA is supposed to be a free society. But the reaction to Donald Trump’s win by some who would have preferred he not win has been over the top. And it might be undermining the anti-Trump cause ultimately.

Seriously you guys. It’s been too much. It is not the end of the world. Trump is not Hitler. Relax. Make your case. Do your thing. But chill.

(From US News)

In the frenzied opening days of the rebellious Trump era, top leaders in the Democratic Party have taken a posture of relentless, immovable, caustic opposition – assailing the commander in chief at every turn and often employing extreme rhetoric to punctuate its impact. It is a cold-blooded approach that’s required for this precarious moment, they say, given the severe changes Trump is attempting on everything from how the U.S. should deliver health care to who should be allowed to become an American citizen.

But there’s a risk in outright, perpetual obstruction as well and it’s simmering below the surface in conversations between Democratic lawmakers, leaders and strategists as the party debates the most effective path forward: If Democrats protest everything with hair-on-fire outrage, will anything end up sticking with the American public beyond their infinite indignity? If they cry wolf every 12 hours, will the effect of their urgency wane over time? Instead of presenting an alternative vision, will they end up looking simply like a party of outrage?

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