Meanwhile, the Real Trump Disaster Goes Unnoticed

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Let’s advocate “equality” in the military, they say.

OK, yeah, but remember that the military hasn’t been given a reasonable assignment in as long as anyone can remember, and is in fact wreaking havoc all over the world and unleashing horrors no decent person can endorse.

Doesn’t matter. The important thing to these people is for transgender folks to be able to drop bombs right alongside Timmy Jones.

Meanwhile, the Trump policy with potentially the most catastrophic effect is being largely ignored: the proposal for safe zones in Syria and Yemen.

To create those would almost certainly draw the United States still further into both conflicts, with highly uncertain results.

This is the kind of policy a President Trump should be dismissing out of hand as a remnant of the failed thinking of the past dozen or so years.

No, he isn’t saying anything insensitive as he implements this policy, but for those of us who consider death and global chaos worse than politically incorrect language, this isn’t really the point.

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