Misleading, perhaps even ignorant headline from The Verge: Trump is turning Elon Musk into a crony capitalist (Musk has ALWAYS been a crony capitalist)

Elon Musk is a big time, fully fledged crony capitalist. And he’s always been one. Crony capitalism is Elon Musk’s business model. He uses taxpayer dollars for his projects. He seeks subsidies where he can. You, the taxpayers have paid for his success. Trump, who is no stranger to crony capitalism hasn’t TURNED Musk into anything. Musk just understands where his bread is buttered and that the butter comes from the American taxpayer. Many of Musk’s fans however do not understand this.

Musk is the epitome, and long has been, of crony capitalism. This is not some new development. I almost didn’t post this article because the headline was so dumb. But if one wants to read it one can HERE.