Opinion: Trump’s White House sends arrogant media into Obama withdrawal

The #oldmedia, the #cronymedia, are on notice. They were so obviously pro-Clinton in the 2016 race that many Americans just gave up on the #oldmedia altogether. Any sense of fairness seemed in 2016 to go out the window. The old media companies, companies that had long watched their market share and revenues decline, doubled down on the establishment candidate in a ploy for relevance. But they busted. Spectacularly.

Now the old media are coming to terms with their new status.

(From McClatchy DC)

Now it’s the D.C. media’s turn to adjust. Accustomed to cozy familiarity and ideological compatibility with Barack Obama, they’re shocked by Donald Trump — and not pleasantly. You’ll see this play out for the foreseeable future. Consumers of politics news should learn to filter out such instinctive rancor.

Here comes an administration that follows few norms as these creatures of habit and privilege know them. It plays them differently, calls them dishonest and liars. Presidential aides call them the opposition. Shock!

Now why in the world would that be? The Center for Public Integrity reported last fall that 96 percent of journalists’ political donations went to Hillary Clinton. Republicans have long known the media they encounter daily is almost universally opposed to them.

What wasn’t known before the autumn of WikiLeaks was how actively individual reporters at several news organizations collude with Democrats…