Reason: The Year 2000 Would’ve Been More Futuristic With Fewer Regulations

As a 13 year old boy I kind of hoped for a future that was a mix of The Jetsons and Barbarella.

(From Reason)

As readers of Reason know, the future is very difficult to predict. That’s especially important in relation to our policy makers, who should be strongly discouraged from flights of fancy. Remember those 5 million “green jobs” that our former commander in chief of the economy promised to create in order to “stimulate job growth” and America’s transition to green energy? In the event, it was fossil fuel fracking, not green energy, which helped to lower the price of oil, revived the U.S. economy and secured Barack Obama’s reelection. Scientific agreements about the future are to be taken with a pinch of salt—something that the sage of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue refused to appreciate.

Obama’s successor, unfortunately, appears to suffer from similar delusions. Unlike Obama, who saw America’s economic future in “green jobs,” Donald Trump sees America’s economic future in the kind of manufacturing jobs—cars and air conditioners—that the 1950s readers of Modern Man would recognize.

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