Reason: Trump doesn’t care about restraining the welfare state. He just wants to make sure the benefits go to the right people.

Mr. Trump does like government it seems. Quite a lot in many respects.

(From Reason)

The combination of Trump’s views on entitlements with the immigration orders that he has issued and the ones he appears to be considering is incredibly telling.

Trump is not concerned about runaway entitlement spending. He is not worried about the nation’s dangerous fiscal trajectory. He is not focused on reducing the federal debt, or on maintaining even a pretense of fiscal responsibility.

Instead, Trump is worried strictly about entitlement spending on immigrants. He’s worried about making sure that the benefits go to the right people—which is to say, the people who backed Donald Trump. Indeed, preserving the entitlement state, regardless of the fiscal consequences, is, like imposing new trade and border controls, central to Trump’s project, because it provides him with a way to reward favored groups and exclude outsiders.

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