Republicans Are Already Trying to Raise Taxes

The Democrats seem to be completely out there these days. Somewhere circling Saturn. But many Republicans are in outer space too.

Don’t raise taxes, ever. Never ever. Cut taxes and then cut them again and again and again…

(From FEE)

The vehicle for this unwitting GOP punch is a new exaction called the border adjustability tax. This levy will cost American consumers at least a trillion dollars over the next ten years. Knowing how Washington politicians calculate these things, you can bet the amount will end up being considerably more. Prices for everyday items, such as socks, shoes and household appliances, will go up. So will tech devices like the iPad, not to mention automobiles and trucks. Gasoline? Millions of Americans will pay an additional 30 cents or more per gallon at the pump. Lower-income and struggling middle-class Americans will get hit the hardest.

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