US pilots call on Trump to stop Norwegian’s low-cost transatlantic flights (Pure Crony Capitalism from US Airline Pilots)

Never trust the airlines, the airline regulators, the airline unions (mechanics, pilots, or flight attendants) the whole industry. Even after official deregulation (something Carter did right) American airlines are deeply crony.

Lower fares are good for US consumers. They are good for the economy. Trump better not cave to these guys.

This is just ugly crony capitalism.

(From The Telegraph)

housands of US pilots have joined forces to rally against the growth of low-cost airline Norwegian that offers transatlantic flights for as little as £56

…But Captain Todd Insler, chairman of the MEC, has written to Donald Trump to say the airline “will destroy our US airline industry and all of the jobs associated with it”, as, he claims, its business model “undercuts the marketplace, allowing NIA to steal US jobs” to “Singapore and Thailand”. Norwegian denies this.

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