When the Hotel Industry Places a Hit on Airbnb, Politicians Happily Take the Contract

(From Reason)

New York’s home-sharing restrictions “should be a big boost in the arm for the business, certainly in terms of the pricing,” Mike Barnello, chief executive of LaSalle Hotel Properties, told shareholders in a conference call last October. “You got to thank all of our friends at AHLA [American Hotel and Lodging Association] for working as hard as they have been to push legislation across the country really in all these key cities.” He added, “registration and limitations would go a long way towards curbing the hosts who are actually operating basically illegal hotels.”

Obviously, New York officials aren’t alone in preferring their crony capitalist pals over innovative services and budding entrepreneurs. Last year, Chicago was one of those “key cities” that adopted restrictions on home-sharing that the Chicago Tribune described as “dizzyingly complex, setting various kinds of limits and ways to get around those limits for different types of residences in neighborhoods around the city.”

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